In December 1992 the International Trade-Club was established in Ukraine. It is  public organisation that currently unites managers and employees of the departments for trade and economic affairs of nearly 60 embassies of foreign states and international organizations accredited to Ukraine.

In 1993 the Trade-Club was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, and in 2004 the Trade-Club obtained the certificate of ownership of the official symbol and the right to render services to foreign diplomats from the State Department for Intellectual Property of Ukraine.

Currently president of the Trade Club is advisor to the Hungarian Embassy in Ukraine Mr. Andras Kadar. Board members are now advisor embassies  of Vietnam, Israel, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Lithuania, Poland, Rumynii.Chlenami Board elected asMinister for Special Assignments Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Mr. Oleksand Danileiko, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Mrs.Natalia Nikolskaya and the Secretary-General - Valery Balyasny.

The Club carries out its activity exclusively at the expense of its members and without attraction of any Ukrainian state funds.The primary objective of the Trade-Club is to inform foreign diplomats about economic, transport, scientific and technical potential of Ukraine and the specific regions and, to assist the Ukrainian central and local administrative bodies with attraction of investments, establishment of business contacts between domestic and foreign entrepreneurs.

During the years of Trade-Club existence, foreign diplomats have met with the ex-Ministers of Economy Messrs. A.K. Kinakh, V.A. Makukha, M.I. Derkach, Deputy Ministers of Economy of Ukraine Messrs. D.Y. Bilokurov, A.V. Bereznyi, O.V. Sliusarenko as well as with the Ministers of Industrial Policy, Agrarian Policy, Transport etc.

Members of Trade-Club regularly visit the regions of Ukraine, meeting with local administration and business people and visiting all kind of companies.

As result of the Trade-Club activities we see improvement of international image of Ukraine, positive dynamics of foreign trade turnover of the regions, increase of influx of foreign investments, establishment of joint ventures and opening of representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine. To recognize the Trade-Club’ contribution in developing Ukraine as a market-economy country,  and its foreign-economic relations with foreign states the Trade-Club was awarded with the Honorary Diplomas  by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in 2002 and the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine in 2007.

On October 31-th, 2011 signing of Memorandum took place about a collaboration between foreign Ministry of Ukraine and by the International trade-club in Ukraine.